Accumulation set

The accumulation rings offer a possibility to considerably increase the heat storage potential of the fireplace.

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Liftdoor system

Advanced sliding system guarantees permanent noiseless and comfortable opening of the doors.

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Metal door profile

Door profile made from high temperature resistant steel of 2,5mm thickness guarantees there are no deformations caused by high temperatures which are reached during burning process.

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Double glazing

Double glazing improves the insulating capabilities of the doors and decreases the amount of energy radiated through the doors into the living room.

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Removable handle

The removable door handle allows to create a natural undistracted view to the flames.

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Lining of the burn chamber

Next to standard light lining there is also dark one available.

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All models

HAKA 60/50S

HAKA 63/51

HAKA 78/57

HAKA 89/45

HAKA 60/50Sh

HAKA 67/51h

HAKA 78/57h

HAKA 89/72h

HAKA 80/50Sh

  • Operating output 6–14 kW

HAKA 89/45h

HAKA 110/51h

HAKA 150/51h

HAKA 60/50ST

HAKA 63/51T

HAKA 78/57T

HAKA 89/45T

HAKA 60/50STh

HAKA 78/57Th

HAKA 89/45Th

HAKA 110/51Th

ECKA 50/35/45h

ECKA 51/51/51h

ECKA 60/35/50Sh

ECKA 67/45/51h

ECKA 76/45/57h

ECKA 80/35/50Sh

ECKA 90/40/40h

UKA 35/60/35/50Sh

UKA 35/80/35/50Sh

  • Operating output 6–14 kW

UKA 37/55/37/57h

UKA 37/75/37/57h

UKA 37/95/37/57h

UKA 56/50/56/52h

UKA 69/48/69/51h

UKA 86/50/86/52h

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